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The Confused Shepherd

4 June 1987
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Well Hey everyone, My name is Chris, or as some of you know Sheppy Milo. Yes i am a Fur, and not retiring any time soon. Heh. Me and my Douche (Hes my loving dog Dutch who is an Akita, for the ones who were probably interested on which kind) live in Birmingham Alabama, which is a huge difference coming from california.. and as for the difference, i wouldnt say for the best either, birmingham, or as i say alabama isnt my type. Im more of a city type and i guess you can say im kinda lost, huh? And for now it will do. Currently working at the Caldwell Mill Animal Clinic and loving it. They work with me in every way possible. Good on my part Due to Con Attending. Currently have attended CaliFur, Furry Weekend Altanta, Midwest Furfest, Memphit Furmeet, Rocket City Furmeet, Califur Diego, and Anthrocon. Trying to give all of them a taste. I love meeting new friends, so contact me either MSN(SilverSkylineo@hotmail.com) AOL(Sheppymilo) or YIM(Sheppy_milo)

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My Fursona: Sheppy or Shep, which ever is fine, i go by both. He is a German Shepherd who stands 5'9 with blue eyes and hair. And one for traveling, being his favorite thing!